Alec Lomas

I'm a frontend developer with a passion for legibility, performance, and the open web. A quick learner with a thirst for knowledge. Enthusiastic and hard-working, I pride myself on my attention to detail.


Web Developer

Worked directly with clients and other stakeholders to deliver exceptional, high-conversion eCommerce websites on the Shopify platform. Created tools to standardize and expedite internal developer experience. Led internal feasibility tests for React-based frontends.

Associate Frontend Developer

Created components & design framework for the Adobe Experience Manager platform. Worked with QA team to create React- and Vue-based services that empower PMO & clients to self-test websites. Member of frontend code style & UI/UX standards teams.

Chief Creative Officer

Co-founded gardening amendment & consulting service business in 2015. Responsible for all branding, visual design, web design & development.

Graphic & Web Designer

Designed & implemented visual rebranding. Responsible for visual design of ads, signage, and e-mail newsletters. Created component-driven design language & CSS framework. Bounce rate reduced by 17% after website redesign.

Freelance Graphic Designer

Clients include Sweetsauce Apparel, Showdown Skateboards & San Francisco Hash House Harriers. Create branding assets such as logos, as well as print designs and collateral. Worked both remotely and in-person with clients.